Interweave Year-End Appeal

The annual TV Special, CNN Heroes, recognizes ten “unheralded heroes—everyday people who are changing the world.” What makes ordinary people do extraordinary things? Openness to transformation is certainly key…and Interweave is all about creating transformative opportunities in the context of a supportive learning community. I have heard it said over and over again, “Interweave changed my life.” Your generous support of Interweave is what makes this possible!

The past year has been a remarkable one for us. Among the highlights, two new programs have taken root–The Course in Miracles Study Group and Half the Sky Summit Advocacy Group (focused on turning oppression into opportunity for women and girls worldwide). We have laid the groundwork for The Institute for Emerging Women Leaders (being piloted this spring) and secured a grant for the Heart of Democracy Book of the Year event that is directed toward “creating more abundant communities (Peter Block).” We have forged partnerships with MONDO, The Fortnightly Club, The American Association of University Women (Summit Branch) and are offering programs at St. Bernard’s in Bernardsville for the first time. We launched a new, more interactive website that is integrated with the new Donor Perfect database. As you have probably noticed, our community is not short on ideas, energy or talent. What we need are greater financial resources to help us grow and thrive.

Following the recent Banquet of Life presentation during which Sister Miriam MacGillis enthralled listeners with her account of the “universe story,” pointing out how we humans carry within us the energy of the stars, one attendee observed, “I will never think about my soul in the same way again—or the universe—or God.” These are the kinds of insights that dramatically change how we are in and about the world. We may not often think about the incredible impact such a nuanced perspective has but the way we frame our understanding of life really does make a huge difference in what we do, the decisions we make, the actions we take.

Please be as generous as you can. Your gift, great or small, is much needed and deeply appreciated! Thank you for your commitment to “interweaving” transformative possibility into the everyday lives of ordinary people.

Blessings of the Season,

Janet Haag, Executive Director

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