March Writing Circle: Falling Down, Getting Up

It was another amazing morning.   Our theme was “Falling Down, Getting Up” and we began by reading Rumi’s poem about the chickpea who is being boiled by the cook.  In fact we read it aloud several times, each of us taking a turn.  The more we read it, the more its message penetrated our circle and permeated the energy in the room.  It gave us a jumping off point as we imagined being the little chickpea being boiled.  And then made space for the wisdom of the cook who speaks from a much broader perspective.  We came to see how both are present in us – the chickpea and the cook – as we go through the learning process of falling down and getting up.   With Rumi’s poem deliciously simmering on the stove we went off to write.
We appreciate this space for us to share some of what we wrote that morning.  And I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Marge Dukes, Diane Lynch and Danny Moore for being so present in the circle.  It was, as Marge said, “. . . an uplifting morning.”  Indeed it was!
Our circle will next meet on April 5th from 9:30 to 11:30am.  In honor of Spring our theme will be “Dancing with The Divine!”   All our welcome and no prior writing (or dancing) experience is necessary.  Hope you will consider joining us!
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