April Writing Circle: Dancing with the Divine


Dear Writing Circle Friends,


The April 2014 Threads of Consciousness Writing Circle is grateful for the inspiration of Denise Levertov’s poetry with which we began our circle.  We were also delighted to have a guest poet from Santa Fe, my very dear friend Nancy Burgas.  Nancy was with us in spirit.  Her poem arrived the night before.  Finally, a special note of gratitude is sent to circle members Marge Dukes, Janet Maulbeck and Susan Maitner for sharing their words and images. Ladies, it was divine! 

Our last circle before summer break will be May 3rd.  The theme, honoring the energy of convening and coming home, will be threshold experiences-those we’ve had and those awaiting our arrival. Hope you can join us and that you will consider sharing a poem even if you cannot be with us in person. In the meantime, enjoy the poetry that enfolds us all.



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