BRIDGE100 Fund

Click here to support our goal of raising $100,000.

All of us at Interweave have been working diligently to shape a vibrant future for our organization, building on the wonderful legacy entrusted to us. I have heard from many of you how encouraged and excited you are to see what is unfolding. That being said, we are truly in need of additional financial help if we are to realize our potential.

To this end, we have launched the Bridge100 Campaign with a goal of raising a critically needed $100, 000 in bridge funding to support our operations, balance the budget for the coming year, and potentially qualify us for a grant in the Fall. The premise is simple —we need 100 generous individuals/couples/groups–willing to make a gift of $1000 to Interweave now—either as a “first” gift or over and above their regular contributions.

You will be pleased to hear that Bob and Suzanne have taken the lead in this campaign by contributing the first $1000 gift! We have since received an additional $5000 from loyal supporters—meaning we are $94,000 away from goal! If we are fortunate enough to receive a few larger gifts—we will get there even sooner! And if you are unable to contribute $1000–you know that any and every gift is always welcomed!

Thankfully, the Capital Campaign (completed last year) enabled us to fulfill our financial obligation to Bob and Suzanne but it fell short of the intended goal to provide $150,000 to support the transition. Hence, we are now asking you to help.

Our intention is to broaden our impact, to further establish Interweave as a community resource by reaching out to people where they are (literally and figuratively). The Interweave vision is a transformative one.  We actively promote openness to new people and ideas, to creativity in confronting challenges, to exploring the depths of the human spirit, to discovering the spark of the Divine. We are committed to finding new and creative ways to engage people in doing just that! Please be as generous as you can.

You can click here and make your gift with a credit card through our secure website or send a check to us by mail: Interweave, PO Box 1516, Summit NJ 07901.

Thank you for helping to sustain Interweave as we live into a bright future.