Poems from December Writing Circle

December writing circle

Dear Friends,

It is so nice to be back in touch after our holiday break. We are anticipating a wonderful beginning this new year with our Threads of Consciousness Writing Circle!  Our first meeting will be on Saturday February 14th, from 9:30 to 11:30, at the Parish Hall of Calvary Church in Summit, NJ. 

We always have a theme and how can it be any other than LOVE on Valentine's Day?! Love – in all of its many-splendored forms – comes to us in so many ways. It can be easily missed. Kabir speaks to this so beautifully, "Are you looking for me? I am in the next seat. My shoulder is against yours."  We are happily anticipating that the circle will help us pause and listen and notice the love that surrounds us – inside and out.

We will also welcome back artist and dear friend, Lisa Brown, who will share the story behind her  painting of the Daffodils – the piece which inspired our November circle. 

The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery was our inspiration for December. It's a classic and if you haven't read it in awhile (or at all), as many of us had not, it is an incredible love story not to be missed. There is an exquisiteness to the words, the illustrations and the relationships. It is a journey tale that teaches so many things: how the essential things are invisible to the eye; that it is only with the heart we see what is most important; and how we become responsible forever for those we have "tamed" – meaning those to whom we have given our time and attention and love.

We hope you enjoy the poems and essay below. Special thanks to our writers for sharing their pieces: Marge, Eileen and Susan, and Rabia who while unable to come in person was very much with us in spirit.

We are indebted to the Little Prince and the fox and the rose for joining our circle that day.  Please know that we are always welcoming new companions; no prior writing experience is needed. So if you are thinking of trying the writing circle, we hope you will join us too. 

With Love,


Squares Away

By Margaret A. Dukes


Afraid, over here in my Square

Four squares away from you.


Can I come a little closer

as you sit in silence ?


Can I come closer

If you speak to ask

me a question?


We can follow the rites

of separateness

you say


still come closer.


May I begin to envision


in the next square

nearer to you?


If so,

the time will not be wasted.

Seeing Rightly

By Eileen Gerety


Follow the rules

We are told

No other way

The path can unfold.


March in line

Follow the lead

Don’t cry or whine

Others’ voices – must heed.


No question valid

No deviation set

Leaving the trail

You will regret


A different light

Starts to blink

It’ll lead you astray

Hmmm – Not what I think!!


Spirit is moving

Across my land

Soon the answer

Will be in hand


The heart awakens

The rustling leaves

To its insight

I will cleave


Seeing Rightly

Comes from the Heart

Its inspiration is telling

A place to start!

Shine Like The Sun

By Rabia Pamela Hance


Shine like the sun. 

Free to all.

You may illuminate an autumn maple,

and the path of a mountain hiker,

the wrinkled face of a wise one,

the backs of the homeless in winter.


You may pour through a window

and glisten across a cedar table.

You may accumulate in shadowy corners

and radiate all over the house.

You may wake the sleeping child,

with gentle warmth.


You may swim in the song of the humpback,    

and fly on the wing of a lark.

You may comb the mane of a lion,

you may vow to leave nothing out.


You may discover planets

and bathe them in reflective waters,

and purify moons with your soul,

and rejoice with a star in your unity.

You may gleam from the eye of your beloved,

or be annihilated in a heartbeat.


You may do this always and forever. 

Establishing Ties

By Lorri Lizza


The sun streams in through high church windows

My fellow writers sit a fair distance apart

Heads bowed – hands moving over paper,

Touched this morning by a little prince

Who learns from a fox, 

The proper way of ‘establishing ties’ and how


We are responsible forever for those we love.


The circle reconvenes

Stories swirl

Love lost – love found

Love waiting for us still

The one that got away . . . and how (even then)


Nothing is ever truly gone (where would it go?)


We stand, stretch and prepare to leave

Shaking our heads in appreciation

Eyes smiling – hearts too

Lingering over holiday good-byes 

Marveling in connection

We move toward the parking lot


And the circle holds. 


By Susan Abbott Maitner


“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; 

what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

~ Antoine De Saint-Exupery: The Little Prince


Dear Kyrie,

I said I wouldn’t write about you, but now the words are pouring out. You are no ordinary cat; no cookie-cutter Hello Kitty, bought on a whim and left to languish on a shelf. You mean so much to me.


How might I describe you, Little Girl?  Pure white, golden eyes, immensely shy.  The delicacy of a ballerina with a penchant for late-night gallops through the house.


Now your life hangs in the balance.   Our alpha cat passed long ago; we lost our sweet Tuxedo Boy last week.  It seems too cruel that now you are in danger of dying. 


Pull one out and everything changes.  Tear out a second and things start to crumble. Sorrow consumes us in different ways: You can’t eat and I can’t write.  The struggle is on to save you.


Back and forth, back and forth we go, my mind a mixed up jumble of times and dates; you wide-eyed and huddling lamblike in your crate.  Charts, infusions, veterinarians in consultation:  Anorexia. Thyroid storm. Not sure …  Day after day I struggle to capture you and provide the help you need, but your early months as a feral have made you elusive and hard to nab.


With gentleness and patience we’ve forged our ties over fifteen years, I celebrating your every venture out of isolation.  We both have had experiences of being frightened and chased. I’ve learned to bide my time.  I’ve watched you grow in confidence.


“You become responsible for what you’ve tamed,” says the fox to the Little Prince.    Little Cat, it works both ways:  you’ve tamed me and I’ve tamed you.  And if you die I will suffer. 


Kyrie, you are essential.  Please let me help you.


With Profound Love,

Your Mommy


(Author’s note: Shortly before Christmas, Kyrie began eating.  Her appetite has returned and her eyes are shining.  She continues to allow herself to become more tame and has taken up the art of morning cuddling.)