“Porch Hugging and other Threshold Experiences”

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You may purchase this anthology for $15 per book. Books will be available for sale at the General Membership Meeting on Thursday evening, April 23. You may also buy them online here. All proceeds support Interweave.





Threads of Consciousness

 Lorri Lizza

Coming together, giving voice to what is waiting to be expressed, is a longstanding tradition at Interweave. We are grateful for this and for all the writers who give it life. The Threads of Consciousness writing circle is the most recent form of this practice. The name was selected with great care. It reflects the intention of the circle: to honor the many threads running through our individual lives and to grow more whole by weaving them together. 

The circle is a place where we may hear our inner voice and learn from what it has to teach us. Each month we have a theme. We begin with a special reading or treasured piece to help still our minds, open our hearts and enable our listening. Like the writing circles before us, we write on our own for half an hour and then return to the circle to share. Inevitably, threads from the individual stories weave themselves together. A tapestry appears. We are not alone.

Every time we meet, we bring into the circle all whom we hold in our hearts; and we remember that we are part of a much vaster circle. Thank you for spending time with this anthology – our tapestry – for as you do, you become a part of it too. Welcome to the circle.


About Porch Hugging

Susan Abbott Maitner

Greetings from our front porch at Interweave: a portal of sorts, neither in nor out: a place of conviviality and, sometimes, the wondrous and unexpected. Our title pays tribute to such a time. 

One day last April, two of us were on the porch waiting for the rest of us to arrive. Our theme was to explore the meaning of thresholds; our mantra from Rumi: “Don’t go back to sleep… Don’t go back to sleep…” Suddenly, in the middle of an ordinary Saturday morning, our eyes were wide open. We watched as royalty entered the scene.

Wending their way in our direction, Knights and Ladies, Dukes and Duchesses, Shepherdesses and Stable Boys colored the landscape with their festive garb. They told us they were attending a Coronation. It was a “We-must be-dreaming!” moment, a tipping point in the marvels we encounter while honoring the call to meet and write.

As the rest of our group arrived, equally astonished, we greeted them with laughter and hugs. And so, “porch hugging” became a part of our lexicon: a catchphrase that reminds us of the wondrous and unexpected. We believe it conveys the spirit of our circle and an appreciation for the chance encounters that can open doorways to poetic expression. 

Each of us follows a path of pilgrimage in his or her own way. Each of us comes from a different place, with different perspectives and priorities governing our lives. But it can be so much fun to travel in groups!


Some facts about this anthology:

– It covers the period of time from the inception of Threads of Consciousness Writing Circle in the Fall of 2012 through 2014.

– A total of 11 writers have contributed their works: Nancy Burgas, Marybeth Doctor, Margaret A. Dukes, Sue Edmondson, Eileen Gerety, Rabia Pamela Hance, Sue Hirner, Lorri Lizza, Susan Abbott Maitner, Janet Maulbeck and Danny Ray Moore.

– Other than the cost of the printing, all of the time and talent that went into producing this anthology were completely donated by the writers (above), photographer, Lori Zaslow, and cover designer, Janet Lizza.

– All proceeds go to support Interweave.

Our deep gratitude to our muses – the poets, writers and artists who have informed our meditations and inspired our writings: Hafiz, Kabir, Rumi, Denise Levertov, Antonio Machado, Thich Nhat Hanh, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Carl Sandburg, Jason Shinder, Lisa Brown, Michael Marlowe, and the muralists of the National Art Honor Society of Randolph High School.

You may purchase this anthology for $15 per book. Books will be available for sale at the General Membership Meeting on Thursday evening, April 23. You may also buy them online here.  All proceeds support Interweave.