Abundant Love: Poems from Interweave’s May Writing Circle

May Writing Circle

Dear Friends,

In May our theme was Abundant Love – That which is everywhere yet beyond words. We may hear its echo in our thoughts and conversations. It can be reflected in the words we write or read. Yet even as I write this note, I am struck by how little I know of which I speak. How much there is yet to learn and to experience.  And this is GOOD NEWS because the Abundant Invitation to keep learning and healing and moving forward is always there.

In our May collection, each writer accepts this invitation and writes from such a unique perspective. The diversity is stunning. The stories are unique and universal all at the same time. See for yourself. For sharing their writings, a heartfelt thanks goes to: Nancy Burgas, Marge Dukes, Sue Edmondson, Susan Maitner and Rosalind Seneca.

Wishing everyone a blessed, replenishing and abundant summer experience.




JMR, by Nancy Burgas, May 27, 2015


Out among the stars

his spirit soars

exploring galaxies

watching in awe

the birth of planets

scanning the universe

and at long last finding

his home

and peace


Now we must seek

the same peace







Kfar Haruv Peace Vista Lodge, by Margaret A. Dukes, May 5, 2015



In the kibbutz

at Golan Heights

cabins align along the cliff

above the sea.

We sit in plastic chairs

on the lawn.

Doves coo almost


Sun descends,

across the sea, the town of Tiberias

arrays itself:

lights appear as thousands of gems

scattered from a jewel box.

We celebrate our circle  

friendship, travel, wine

-our guide on her guitar

strums "shalom, shalom"

she opens our souls  

to a sea of abundant love.




In My Language, by Sue Edmondson, June 2015


Hate is not in my language.



War is not in my language.



Violence is not in my language.









POINT VIERGE, by Susan Abbott Maitner, May 9, 2015

“The gate of heaven is everywhere." ~ Thomas Merton


Silence standing at the doorway

Forest stilling 

Beyond the house


Mistings  drifting

Branches lifting, 

Cradling quiet, birthing dawn


Winter’s parting

Paired crows darting

Chasing, racing, raucous shout


Glory greening

Spirit singing

Soul amazed to glimpse the sight:


The leafing out of old oaks

The daybreak of a new Spring



For Amy, by Susan Abbott Maitner, May 2015

On the day after unborn Brigit Mary died…

The day after the little white cat passed

Wild chives and dandelions

And blossoms from a Bradford pear console


“I will get you a dog,” young Matthew tells me

Before showing me the garter snake his father caught

“I will help”


The children are outside painting rocks

Their father is loving

Their mother gentle and brave


I remember old Elizabeth

And Mary racing through the hill country

A babe leaping in the womb


Blessed is she who trusts


 The word of God will be fulfilled.



Stepping Back from the Brink, By Lorri Lizza, May 9, 2015

"One has to be very brave in life to keep living the truth." ~ Rosalind Seneca


The NY Rangers played last night

Against the Washington Capitols



Screamed yesterday’s headlines


 WIN or GO HOME!!!

ESPN radio gurus prophesied



Mantras on steroids filled the airwaves


I DO believe! I do . . .


Friday night I get home in time to watch the third period.

Score: 0-0


And then the Caps score

In the last 9 minutes.

The last 9 minutes!

An eternity when you are defending a lead 

But a blink-of-an eye when you are facing Defeat




I close my eyes unable to watch.

The desperation I feel makes me rise up 

And go to the kitchen to empty the dishwasher.

I realize halfway through clearing the top rack that this will be what I chose to do as my team lost their chance for the Stanley Cup.



So I stop and return to watch.

Now with under two minutes left in regulation time

I come and sit again. 

This time eyes open

This time finally admitting

To myself and the Holy Spirit, the Abundant Love that is,

I no longer believe.

I do not believe.

It is the truth. 


Seconds later we score.

And with under 2 minutes left in regulation time

We tie the game.

And in overtime

We score again.

The game is ours.

We will play another day.


Stepping back from the brink of elimination


I am left wondering about the timing of that game-tying goal.


Could it only be a matter of me admitting the truth

Of being honest about not believing

For the veil to open

And the puck to find the back of the net? 



It couldn't be. 


Or could it?



Abundant Love, by Rosalind Seneca         May 2015

The Buddha taught that life is suffering.  I have certainly had my share, though I am grateful that I have not had to endure the utterly unacceptable loss of a child. I just had common or garden clinical depression and now I have continuous back pain. The depression since childhood was caused by lack of love. That is, I did not believe that I was loved-in fact I thought I was so unlovable as to be wicked. This meant that my love for others was wicked too. As a girl I always fell for the wrong man in my desperate search for love, and when I was inevitably jilted I inferred that others thought my love was wicked.

  In many years of therapy I was able to form a deep connection with my therapist and discovered that I was not a wicked person and that my love for others was not wicked either. This was the beginning of healing. Love grew to become the center of my life and I began to discover a route to God. Abundant love healed me.

Now as I approach old age I find I am living with a different sort of pain that feels like a vice around my lower back. I have had many treatments to no avail so here I am in my psychiatrist’s office sitting on a comfortable black sofa and looking at a small blue spot on the wall. The doctor is the Marine General of psychiatrists. He wears a starched white shirt and lovely blue tie. He says not a word that is not absolutely clear and to the point. He listens carefully and remembers everything that I say. He is persistent in making sure that he understands exactly what I tell him. We are trying hypnosis for the back pain. I focus on the blue spot as the doctor gently talks to me, telling me to concentrate, focus and relax. Now I close my eyes and he asks me to imagine various scenarios- coming down some blue carpeted stairs in my bare feet, standing barefoot on the beach watching the waves flow up and back, and sitting in a chair blowing out the five candles in a large candelabra one by one.

  As I find myself breathing more slowly and relaxing all over, the doctor begins to make suggestions. He tells me not to fight the pain; not to judge it. He suggests that I imagine that I am lying in a warm bath (or, if I prefer, a cool bath, but I am English so I choose warm!) Maybe I can float above the pain. I have the power to relax and lessen the pain. As he talks a sense of great wellbeing comes over me. I am surrounded by warmth. As I sit there I do not feel the pain.

  I have never been able to say that I love myself though I love others and God with a passion. The closest I have come is to understand that I am not wicked. But the doctor is convincing me to experience warmth and comfort instead of pain; to go deep into my soul. And there I re-discover love. Such love surrounds the pain and carries me away from it.  Abundant love is healing me once again.