Miracles: Poems from Interweave’s December Writing Circle


Dear Friends,

Apropos of the Season, on December 5, 2015, our Writing Circle contemplated the theme of Miracles. The writings, which emerged that morning, were diverse yet connected. Not all of them appear here (they may show up in a future posting!) But what is here sings of the human journey and the touchstones along the way – those everyday miracles we learn how to spot. As Marge Dukes writes in “Wearing An Eye Patch”

“Yet I am not a neophyte anymore

when it comes to seeing things


Heartfelt thanks to Nancy Burgas, Marge Dukes, Sue Edmondson, Eileen Gerety, Stella Humphries and Maureen West for their contributions. We also thank Nancy for the photograph of her gardens in Santa Fe, which she took the day after Christmas. It is the companion piece to “Miracle” – the haiku with which we begin.

We hope our December collection offers a tender start to this brand New Year.  And to the everyday miracles in our lives – may we grow in our capacity to spot them!






By Nancy Burgas

Gone the garden green

Snow slips in and as we sleep

Paints a winter scene



Prayer from Christ Church, Summit

By Maureen West

Oh God take this lump of rock,

And chisel, a beautiful statue.

Turn my indifferent soul,

Into warm humane compassion.

May my anger and frustration,

Be transformed into divine love.

Quite in spite of myself,

May I stumble on the path of life.



Wearing an Eye Patch

By Margaret A. Dukes

It seems as if we are never prepared for anything.

At least, I know I wasn’t prepared

I would see everything as if a gray film

had been pulled down over my eyes

after cataract surgery

or that there would be

arcing flashes of light

when I went out in the dark.


So, too, my good friend says

She was not prepared for marriage

nor for childbirth, nor for love.

I want to tell all those a little younger

what to expect

yet this never seems to help anyone

each one experiences  their own life

a little differently, don’t they?


So what about the Girl Scout motto,


or those virgins in the bible

with their lamps trimmed?

and can’t Juby tell her daughter to be careful

with drinking at college

so that something bad doesn’t happen

that she will regret?

Isn’t it okay to warn, instruct the young?


Yet, still the thought recurs:

Can anyone ever warn anyone

about the banquet of consequences of



I’ve got to believe that some caring instructions

are in order,

even if the magnitude of anything

in anyone’s life can’t be predicted.


And maybe I should have been more skeptical

when people said cataract surgery is nothing

or the internet sites quote  99% of all cataract

surgery is successful

but they didn’t tell me

all the little after effects

before the gray films goes away,

the flashing arcing lights aren’t seen anymore

and you can stop seeing specialists.


But I am here to tell you

that we’re never

fully prepared

for anything.

Yet I am not a neophyte anymore

when it comes to seeing things


Despite my not being prepared for anything

I’ll soldier on, in the sometimes war zone

of this thing called life.



Maybe at Last 

By Eileen Gerety

Maybe at Last

I can let go

What I didn’t have

What I didn’t know


Maybe it’s time

I can set free

Feelings and knots

That sent me to sea


Maybe it’s now

I can see past

Clouds in my sky

Have peace at last?


Maybe I’ll know

What’s set me apart

From life’s air

Today, a new start?


Maybe I’ll find

That piece of the Sun

That’s been hiding

For waaaaay too long


Maybe I’ll heal

And finally know

It’s not worth it

To carry this tow


Maybe God is here

Despite the despair

Maybe it’s time to

Pull up a chair…


Maybe I can love

And begin anew

Maybe just maybe

I sure hope that’s true!




By Eileen Gerety

The miracle is here

It’s now very clear

I’m finally free

To be just me.


The miracle is now

Lift my arms up and howl!

My spirit is aglow

Things no longer in tow…


The miracle is when

It’s no longer THEN

With yearning and sighing

And a fair amount of crying…


The miracle is hope

No longer “on the rope”

Of a treacherous sea

I can joyously be me!


The miracle is love

We fit like a glove

Feared it might not be so

Loving life  – off we go!


The miracle is peace

Thought troubles wouldn’t cease

At last on the shore

Joy is at the door.



What Is A Miracle?

By Sue Edmondson

We all have had some miracles in our lives . . . or have we?  I know I have had some miracles.  However, for myself, no miracles came until I was 50 years of age. One of the biggest accomplishments that I had in my life was to pass the General Educational Development (GED) test and to start college. This was in part because my friends here in Summit NJ saw potential in what I thought I could never do – all because of being told by my family that I was not high school or college material.  Dad unfortunately never got to see my fabulous goal, as he died before I accomplished my miracle.


I started college the same year as I passed the GED.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History from The College of Saint Elizabeth in Convent Station NJ. Yes, it was a slow process. It was done part time over nine years. Yes indeed. But this was not only a big accomplishment – it was a huge miracle in my life.




By Maureen West

I had to go down a very long, very steep ladder.  On a journey, had no choice. I postponed; I was afraid.


I looked down at the ground where I would be going and asked the person there to move the ladder away from the cliff base so the angle would be less severe. They did. Others lined up to go down, too.  I wanted to be in the middle of the pack, but people pushed ahead and I was last on line. Not where I wanted to be.


I went down slowly and hesitantly at first, but felt the way down the ladder was comfortable and gradual. There was a ramp for part of the way down so I could see where I was going. It was like a bridge for part of the way.


In the end the journey was o.k. – and I got down just fine!


(The morning of this dream I had made appointments to visit two Continuing Care Retirement Communities.)



Canada Geese!

By Stella Humphries

Canada Geese!  

Wild, beautiful beings,

Throughout my childhood and adolescence,

Each year, when on first hearing their voices, 

With a chill running down my back

I would run outside 

To catch a glimpse of their grace.

Watching with craned neck, such deep feelings were stirred 

That even today 

Their very name ignites the same unnamed yearning 

Perhaps the wild part of me joins them, and for that brief moment

Is met.



Creating Space for Miracles

By Stella Humphries

Miracles can be so subtle

In my life they seem to be linked so strongly to intention

That "sending out" of coded energy – by the nameless presence of self – to create form

So a miracle happened this week. 

Long standing separation of views between my Beloved and I that seemed hopelessly irresolvable – was.

And it happened within hours of a change of heart. Almost unbelievable. Coincidence? – No! 

A morning ago, years of tension and pulling apart just melted away 

When we (finally) moved from entrenchment to listening,

From defense to willingness;

From advocating "mine" to opening to the other's lens.

And without anything else being done, 

The perceived source of our discord (by projection of course) came to visit that same afternoon!!  

How did that happen, as there had been no visits for months! 

One step in the direction of Wisdom and a thousand steps back to us….

A heaviness that had been there was no longer once they walked through the door; 

We walked, we talked but only about this and that … and

without warning …

An opportunity for further interaction appeared by serendipity: 

" You are also planning to be there? –  in a different city no less on the same day???

 … wow let's go together!

Hugs and resolution without even trying. 

The power of intention, surrender, compassion, vulnerability, truth — 

 Created that space for a miracle –

 No need for the analytic within me to "figure out how" to change things —

Just a willingness to open my heart and to see the whole, not only "my" part – 

And God, the quantum field, the higher self, the angels . . . do the rest.  



On Our Way to The Divine

By Lorri Lizza

“I have given everything I see . . . all the meaning it has for me.”

(A Course In Miracles ~ Lesson 2)

Whatever we own

Or hold in our hands

Can be taken away

Broken or banned


Whomever we love

Beloved more than gold

Can choose someone else

Turning love’s golden light cold


Wherever we live

No matter how lovely

One day will be home

To someone else’s family


Yet the meanings we discern

As we keep moving along

Can become perfect echoes

Of God’s holy song


The dishes we break

The treasures we consign

Are companions and teachers

On our way to the Divine


It is the meaning I give

That lets the miracle come forth

I am blessed beyond words

All I lost is reborn