Spring Collection of Poems from Interweave Writing Circle

“A Splash of Wings” by Linda Howe

All art and writings are the property of our contributors. We are grateful for their sharing!


Dear Friends,

Our themes for our Winter/Spring 2017 writing circle are beautiful stepping-stones on this journey of seeing, hearing and appreciating more.

The Privilege of Witnessing (Feb)
Waiting in Wisdom ~ Call from Our Deep Self (Mar)
The Miracle of New Growth (Apr)
Sacred Seeing (May)

We hope you’ll enjoy this new sampling of our writings, beautifully accompanied by Linda Howe’s “A Splash of Wings” pictured here. (How true about one picture and the thousand words!) We wish you a happy summer. Keep writing and see you in October!


Lorri and the Writing Circle ~ June 2017



The Writing Book
By Sue Edmondson

Where is my writing book? I have looked high and low for it and in between everything in my home; nowhere in sight is it. Ok, found a book that will have to do for now or late I will be for our writing group. Hand on the book, phone rings. Death of a close friend; I am told she just passed away.

The substitute writing book in hand is given a quick glance. Then do I realize there is an emblem of Cornell University on it. And suddenly it dawns on me: this is the book my close friend who has just died had given me – this writing book.

Now I am writing in it; thinking of her as I write something for our writing group. Today, May 6, 2017, I sit here by the window, writing and feeling the warm environment that surrounds me. Many challenges have been presented to me in the last month. Oh, I am so glad to cope better with these challenges that have besieged me, now more than I have ever done before in my life.



By Linda Howe
Dare I fly into that big blue sky?
My wings feel fragile
There have been several blows
And the wind still tosses trees aside.
I have a case of “the I don’t knows”
I might be stunned
But I love having fun!
My mind, seems turned around
My world, looks upside down
My view, is inside-out and I’m
Wondering if I ‘m too old
To risk leaning into the distant
Blustery, slippery, unknown!?

And I’m not sure these wings,
That still quiver while I’m sitting still,
Will hold me up once I am airborne.
Do I flap?
Or do I float?
Do I hold still and glide?
Do I look back and
gloat? No way!
Or, do I rest here
A few more minutes
On the well, worn, edge
Of indecision?
Oh my, perhaps before I
Start to take action
I could pray and ask
For guidance and traction
For grace and intuition, wisdom,
Clarity and vision beyond the limiting
Contracting usual doubts
To spur a minuscule,
Yet very, clear, decision

That has an intention with a
Lot of forward pull
A clear image of
the successful relationality of
A heartfelt, accomplished mission!
I will close my eyes
And with exquisite detail,
Visualize my two
bright wings gracefully mobilized
Sturdy, strong, flexible and long
But wait, a deeper inkling speaks,
It’s time to take first things first
And choose to intentionally rest
Maybe have a little honey to sweeten my heart?
Refuel, before I take the flight!
I can also ask Spirit to ride with me
And whatever the outcome
I’ll remember that
This courage to come alive
Is an everlasting gift
Abundantly restored from deep inside!
I can recall, I was once a
Very small mere two-inch caterpillar
With two rows of tiny legs!
And day in and out
I’d eat the sometimes
Thorny rims of leaves,
Then once again I went
Upside down
And one day emerged with gooey wings!
But just now, something greater
Bids me rest and put
First things first,
I am so blessed to allow
A little snooze that might help me
See a new flight pattern.
This is the sacred pause that
Precedes brave thinking into action
I’m freeing up a little prayer too
To honor what needs honoring and
Acceptance, that sacred oil of faith,
And whatever needs refitting or
Repairing by the Master Mechanic and Engineer!
What’s this? I now have
My new flight instructions
They read:
What would you really love?

Ok then!
I’m ready to go!
If you dare,
You come too!


The Spider Spins Her Web
By Nicholas L. Lizza

The spider spins her web, lives and from there knows her life.
But who is it that is really caught –
the fly?
Or maybe…
It is the Holy One who arrives every day setting up vibrations
in Her precious womb spun silk.



There Is A Call for Quiet
By Janet Aulet Maulbeck

There is a call for “quiet”

For there is a bride preparing in the anteroom of my soul
how will I prepare her
who will tend to her
who will care for her needs bring her water and flowers for her hair…
Who will she marry
will I pull out the long white carpet
will I welcome her

And to what will I marry her

To the fragrant earth that grounds me and asked me to cultivate communicate and commune

To the air that allows me to fly away to freedom that puts no boundaries or limitations on me but gives to me spacious room to be, and move and become in

To the well within, to the deep oceans of primordial soup that call me to remember connect and honor the living mystery signed in the corals and sung by whales

To the fire that holds us in a love that will not be extinguished
here is passion renewing creating and welcoming me into the circle dance

Come bring the carpet




A Trip of Our Own
Thoughts on Life’s Adventure . . .
By Eileen Gerety

I want to be
I want to see
I want to live
I want to breathe


I want to love
I want to hold
I want to be bold
And have a foothold


In a life we’ve imagined
Been waiting soooo long
Of a love within reach
And a story to be told!


We’ve adventured here
Dispelling our fears
This place – unknown
Could it be home?


From Peabody to the Square
We traveled here – and there
SOX fans on the T
Squeezed in – red sardines!


MFA, JFK, an iconic Pond…
All places of which, we’re very fond
Yet, the Cape holds our heart…
Could it be the place to start?


Dennis, Yarmouth beckon anew
Beaches! Beauty! You said it too!
Sunlight, sand – Just for the asking
Hearts awakened – they’re waiting


For this next adventure
A new port of call
As our sails fly free
Where will they lead?


Many connections still remain
In a state we’re now in
Yet, our spirits always roar
When on that Cape Cod shore!


Our hearts – they reside
Both here and Cape side
Our spirits hover ‘round
Our loves and this new ground.


So, C’mon Honey!
Let’s make this true
Let’s put up the sails
And start the woohoos!


A new life to explore
Here comes the sun!
Still loving those there
While setting off for new fun!



By Sue G. Popek

By definition:  To make working at the same time.


Look back found me waiting….
Yet, unaware of what I was waiting for…


Patience was not present.
Yet, I was not alone.


Wisdom lay dormant,
Light years ahead for me.


I was only being myself,
As I knew no other way.


Introspection birthed.
Awareness filled my very being.


In this moment now,
There is no turning back.


I find myself in synchronicity.
Its eruption shows me the connective links.


Me, now working amongst
The divinity of my own spirits.


Some of my tasks are done,
Leaning into the gifts that such bestows.


Blending, living
And always learning…


The balance of which I sought,
Is now at my feet.


Every Day I Wake Up
By Janet Aulet Maulbeck

Everyday I wake up I open my eyes and I cannot see
I am blind
there is a cloud
I want to break through that I might see

I will put mud on my eyes then I will go to the river
I will bring Hope with me
Faith will come too and her little sister desire

I will wash I will drink I will swim in a pool of grace

Come with me Sisters
Let us go to the river
Let us go to the source
everything that doesn’t matter will fall away
and our eyes will be open
In the sacred moment of now
We will see


I Want to Give You Something
By Nicholas L. Lizza

I want to give you something precious and valuable
I search
I find
I give
And still…
It’s just you and me
Then I realize
You are my treasure
And I give you back to yourself
How else can I keep you here safe in my heart!



The Crest of the Hill
By Margaret A. Dukes

are too heavy
to carry far;
gripes accumulate
————weigh down
your back pack.
Everyone is
Shed grudges.
Stop gripes.
Look around:
trail blazes,
to the crest,
air clear,
view astounds.
You’re alive
with gratitude.



Without My Doing Anything
By Lorri Lizza

Part I

Sweet waters release
Loneliness and chains lift
Clear wide space appears
Without my doing anything.


Become a channel for the poetry of Hafiz
A holder of the sacred memories
Like the little ones playing in Maine rain
Joyfully fearless splish-splash splish-splash.


Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers swirl
To Cole Porter’s “Night and Day”
While the Sacred moves them
Beyond the laws of gravity.


I want some of that!


Remove the beam from my own eye,
Refreshing flow of Blessedness
Without limit or effort
Always there.


The apple green energies born in the womb
Push us up and out
Grasses, flowers, weeds, plump worms – all pulling together
Devotedly aerate soil and soul – all for the Good.


Part II

When my mom was young
She’d run up and down the stairs at home
She always figured that it was great exercise
“Those stairs will save me,” I can hear her say.


But now it’s different
She doesn’t “do” the stairs anymore
There’s an elevator and a walker
Still, she moves at a pretty good pace.


There is a way of being
That comes upon us so gently
Asking almost nothing but a small space
To plant its seed.


When my wanting gets too fierce
Illusions of lack kick up a dust storm
Like the tumbleweed that flies across I-25
On the way from Albuquerque to Santa Fe.


Thunderstorms entangle my heart
Soaking me to the bone
Where is the woman who ran up the stairs?
I am heartbroken those days.


Yet the quiet seed is not perturbed
Listen for what is here now,
The voice inside instructs lovingly patiently
Trust the unlined beautiful face in front of you, as she is now.


The miracle is ours for the taking!
Holiness venerates our very existence
Holding us up swinging us round and round
Leaving golden lavender azure pink rose ribbons, streaming in our wake.




Sacred Seeing
By Stella Humphries

What would happen if I would see through my heart only?
It’s been too long – this seeing “through my head”.
I know it well and it’s time to let it go.
There is a perpetual sharpness in that seeing,
A staccato edge…
I have been noticing for quite a while


With my head I see only what “it” allows in;
Like having a headlamp in the dark.
It has me see only what is within its beam; the rest is lost to me.
A beam formed by others’ voices and ancient choices that no longer serve.
The world’s divided into the seen and the unseen.
But alas!
I am unaware of what I do not see
Only a vague and pervasive discomfort follows me around.


And – it gets worse!
Even with the “seen” there is another screen –
A relentless partitioning into “yes” and “no”
So instantaneous, so automatic that it is imperceptible.
The world divided – into what I like…what I reject.
In the grasping and avoiding,
The world narrows and flattens;
Becomes disjointed and fragmented.
There is grey pleasure here!


What would happen if the prism of my seeing was my heart?
The Pulse of Life*
The Processor of Divinity*
The Giver to the Field of Life*


I have had glimpses, a taste of this seeing,
Moments that hold such promise….!!


I would see more than what fear dictates is palatable or safe
I would see the whole; how the part before me right now fits into the eternal whole.
All I see before me would be in my purview.
And … get this! Perception of the whole would expand!
For the heart deepens with its wisdom and widens the horizons of my seeing
Beyond even what is imaginable now!
I cannot wait… this seeing into other dimensions
Let me not allow the head to confuse this possibility with its prattle.


Seeing with the heart
I have felt moments of it  – I “know” that feeling
What an expansive and warm flow it is!


The Mysteries of Life open to Profound Experience
In the absence of fear’s analysis and control
I imagine this….
We would bathe in the richness of connection
With all creatures and all things
With each other
With myself
Healing would be a natural outcome
Nourishment would be in every exchange with every Being
Miracles would become the New Normal
“Other” would be the sweet mirror of my many faces
But “I” and “my” would no longer be in my vocabulary
I would live inside pure Awareness – no need for identity or “other”.


As has been said – the journey from the head to the heart is long
But one that calls, calls, gently, persistently
Finding that path, losing the path, finding it again and losing it again
It changes shape as I learn
But always the Whispering
Come! Come!
Let me recognize the soft guidance of the whispers before the sirens need to wake me up!
Let me hear the Whispers in the wind, in the rocks, in the trees
Among the Angels, the stars, beyond the stars
Let me learn all the languages and listen deeply to hear these Songs of Love


Heart speaks tenderly; I seek stillness to hear, to understand,
I want to see all before me through this Love.
I have tasted the drops of nectar
I know You are leading me, leading us to the River
To once again Quench this heretofore unquenchable, indefinable thirst.


* A dear friend Dr. John Day, MD who writes about the heart from a medical/spiritual perspective has named the heart thus in this wonderful post:
Spiral of Life http://haelanlifestream.com/category/journal