From its beginning in 1980, Interweave has provided advanced conversation on issues of spirituality, wellness and the common good. Based on a collaborative model of hospitality, attentiveness and respect, our organization draws its membership from people who seek to grow and give back to the world.

Interweave serves both its members and the community-at-large in a landscape of rapid transformation where global, economic, religious, and ecological challenges abound. Interweave is helping people to navigate these shifts while finding ways to be an active force for good. We continue to ask the big questions about who we are and where we are going.

As Interweave enters a new era, we are committed to fostering community and spirituality in a world that craves a deep level of engagement in endeavors that are rich, meaningful and substantive.

Robert Corin Morris, Founder, continues his relationship with Interweave as a faculty member. Bob started The Interweave Center in 1980 as an offshoot of his ministry at Calvary Church in Summit, NJ as a meeting place for people interested in exploring cutting edge ideas and practices to strengthen wellness, deepen spirituality, and promote the common good.
A meditation and contemplative prayer teacher, trained spiritual director, conference and retreat leader, Bob is available for programs in congregations and other venues. He is the author of three books: Wresting with Grace: A Spirituality for the Rough Edges of Daily Life; Suffering and the Courage of God; Provocative Grace: The Challenge in Jesus’ Words. He blogs regularly at provocativeponderings.blogspot.com.
1979 – 1980
Interweave is born from a call to Reverend Robert Corin Veal Morris to form an interfaith educational center to bring to northern New Jersey “new paradigms” in wellness, spirituality, and ways of helping groups work well. An Inaugural Celebration is attended by over 100 people, and a non-profit incorporation is completed in 1980.

Membership grows to 60 people. A network of instructors begins to form. A grant to Interweave from the Episcopal Diocese of Newark allows Bob to undertake Interweave work full-time.

Membership of over 200. A core group of financial supporters is developed. A majority of events are held at Calvary Episcopal Church, Summit, while specific events take place at Christ Church, Short Hills and the Community of St. John Baptist, Mendham.

1988 – 97
A grant from the Episcopal Church Foundation initiates a program called Nourishing Spirituality in Congregations throughout the nation. Membership grows to 350. The director’s writings are published in Weavings, a national publication.

1999 – 2004
The Executive Director publishes three books, expanding outreach of the Interweave spiritual approach.

First major fund drive raises $325,000. Calvary Church, Summit offers office space. Pension fund established.

The Board is reorganized to be more active in supervision and accountability for the organization as we move with intention away from the style of a Founder-based group.

2004 – 06
A second fund drive raises $175,000. A major grant from Trinity Church, New York, initiates the Abrahamic Kinship Initiative, to build an interfaith leadership network in north NJ. This leads to Interweave’s helping partner in the founding of the new Newark Interfaith Coalition for Hope and Peace in 2008.

2006 – 10
Director announces need to look toward new leadership for 4th decade. Soundings among key members and participants. Development of profile. Board retreats to prepare for transition.

2012 – 2015
Janet Haag is hired as Executive Director to continue the legacy of Interweave while extending its outreach and refreshing its programs. Bob retires, but remains on the faculty.

After successfully guiding Interweave through the initial stages of its transition, Janet Haag accepts a leadership position with a non-profit closer to her home. Longtime Interweave board member Janet Maulbeck is chosen as interim executive director.

Janet Maulbeck accepts the Board’s offer to become Interweave’s 3rd executive director. She is focusing on fortifying the foundation of Interweave and casting a vision for the future.

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