Changing God/Changing Church

October 4, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Christ Church in Short Hills
66 Highland Ave
Short Hills, NJ 07078

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Changing God/ Changing Church

Christ Church, 66 Highland Ave, Short Hills

1st Tuesdays, October-December


In a changing world, how is our understanding of God, community and church changing?  In this three- part series we will explore themes from a changing, evolving God to new understandings and ways of being community and church.  Each evening will begin with fellowship/coffee at 7 pm and a presentation at 7:30.

A dialogue will follow as we grapple with these issues together.



Changing God

Cloud of the Impossible: Uncertainty & Mysticism

Tuesday Oct. 4, 7pm

7pm – Fellowship and refreshments.  Presentation – 7:30 pm

Suggested Donation $30 (members $20)


The image of the cloud drifts from the “dark cloud” in which God appeared to Moses into the whole history of western mysticism. It signifies the unknowable depth of the divine, even in the midst of a liberation and revelation. The infinity of God enfolds the whole universe of finite beings in a mystery. We will explore the meaning of the ancient cloud amidst current uncertainties-and its impact on; our spirituality along with our changing, evolving sense of God and church.

Catherine Keller is Professor of Constructive Theology at the Theological School of Drew University, and author of Cloud of the Impossible: Negative Theology and Planetary Entanglement.



Emerging communities in a changing church

Borrowing, Blending, and Belonging 

Tuesday, Nov. 1, 7pm

7pm – Fellowship and refreshments.  Presentation – 7:30 pm

Suggested Donation $30 (members $20)


Emerging churches create their own emerging tapestry by borrowing and blending divergent threads of Christianity and contemporary culture.  This evening will offer us a window into several self-described emerging churches through Todd Stockdale’s ethnographic research.  “Church” is changing for these communities as they redefine what it means to “belong”. We will reflect on how the emergent community experience can inform our own efforts to bring new meaning and vibrancy to our own communities and sense of church.


Todd Stockdale is a Postdoctoral teaching fellow at Seton Hall University whose research interests rest within the discipline of practical theology.



Changing Church

Emerging Interspiritual Theology

Tuesday, Dec. 6

7pm – Fellowship and refreshments.  Presentation – 7:30 pm

Suggested Donation $30 (members $20)


While institutional religion is experiencing a malaise, outside of its borders new currents are on the rise. New expressions of spirituality such as spiritual not religious, new monasticism, and multiple belonging, are part of an emerging interspiritual movement. Interspirituality is enriched by the wisdom of traditional religion. Can an interspiritual theology inform and inspire a renewal of the meaning of church both from within and without? Rory McEntee will share from his own rich experience of these new vistas.


Rory McEntee is a co-author of The New Monasticism. Rory serves as Executive Director of the Foundation for New Monasticism.