Below are our programs for Fall 2016. You may view all programs, or simply view our programs by category. Click each program to view more information and register. Please help us honor our commitment to our dedicated speakers and presenters by registering prior to each program and event.

Also note that some of these programs are ongoing; view our calendar for dates, times, and locations.

February 2- Continuing the Conversation

Begins February 3- Jews and Christians

Writing Circle-

Dances of Universal Peace-

A Course in Miracles-

September 7- And Her Words Being Made Flesh: Thomas Merton & Holy Wisdom

September 8- Inside Islam (UPF Film Screening)

September 10- Dances of Universal Peace

September 15- Daughters of Abraham

Begins September 17- Emergent Spirit

September 28, October 5, October 19- Morning Meditations with Clay

September 23- Peace Walk

View CalendarA Course in Miracles

View CalendarWriting Circle

October 2- Soul Wisdom

Begins October 4- Changing God/ Changing Church

Begins October 8- Bible Book of the Month

October 12- Grief Workshop

Begins October 14- Founder’s Friday Forum: Secret Power of Introverts

Begins October 20- The Ground of Prayer

October 22- Looking through the Lens of Love

October 30 – Conversations with Advocates

November 6- Lessons of the River

November 10- Being Mortal: Film Screening

November 12- Sacred Paths

Begins November 18- The Election: How Did We Get Here? What Now?

December 7- Mixed Media