Christ Church, Summit

Christ Church Summit is a co-sponsor to our Daughters of Abraham, a women’s interfaith sharing group which promotes mutual understanding among the Muslim, Christian and Jewish Faiths.

The Unitarian Church, Summit

We are grateful to the Unitarian church for generously offering their sanctuary and hospitality to Our Dances of Universal Peace program.

Summit Interfaith Council

Interweave is proud to be a member since its inception.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the Summit Interfaith Council (adopted September 18, 1997):
The Summit Interfaith Council, a coalition of leadership of the religious communities of Summit, exists to “seek the welfare of the city (Jeremiah 29:7).” We recognize our common spiritual ground while celebrating the diversity of our traditions. Our purpose includes developing a voice to speak to the city and its people of out of our common religious perspectives.
To do this, we will:
1. Foster mutual understanding and respect;
2. Seek to include all religious perspectives;
3. Exercise stewardship through communication and the coordination of our resources; and
4. Encourage dialogue in order to appreciate the unique contributions of various perspectives.

Lisa’s Art Studio

Lisa Brown’s Studio has been in existence for over 20 years now. Lisa has been an active member of Interweave for 15 of those years. We are grateful that in addition to bringing her creativity to Interweave as a faculty member, she has now opened her studio as a another”home“ to Interweave Classes.

Summit JCC

Congregation Ohr Shalom has been a partner in offering our “Jews and Christians” program for over 15 years now. The series is co-facilitated by Rabbi Freeman and Reverend Robert Corin Morris and is always meet with great enthusiasm as a rich opportunity to deepen a mutual understanding of and between the Jewish and Christian faith traditions.